FAQs: Nanotex

    Q. Is Nanotex owned by Crypton?

    A. Yes. Nanotex became a Crypton Company in January of 2014, and both now benefit from the shared technologies of Crypton and Nanotex, which in turn will gives both companies an additional edge in the marketplace. Nanotex now benefits from the master branding capabilities of Crypton, as well as many other valuable resources.


    Q. What kind of protection does Nanotex provide?

    A. In the commercial market, Nanotex is designed primarily for spill protection. Almost any type of fiber can be treated.


    Q. Who can I call if I need support?

    A. The secret’s out! Beginning November 23, 2017, Crypton will be processing 100% of Nanotex’s contract finishing. For more information, visit our announcement page.