Q. What is INCASE fabric protection?

    A. Designed for commercial environments, INCASE is an advanced stain and odor-resistant treatment to be used when a barrier is not required. INCASE works at the molecular level to increase surface tension. The result is that liquids immediately roll away. Unlike other repellents, INCASE allows both oil- and water-based stains to easily release from the fabric when cleaned.


    Q. What makes INCASE better than other treatments on the market?

    A. INCASE protection affords the same trusted excellence that our Crypton customers have relied on for more than 20 years. INCASE exceeds the capabilities of other products on the market because of its superior cleanability, stain resistance, and built-in Silver Ion microbial protection. INCASE is processed to order and formulated specifically for end-use and fiber type to ensure quality.


    Q. How is fabric “INCASEd”?

    A. Fabrics are processed at our state-of-the-art facility in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, according to end-use, texture, and fiber type. We immerse the fabric so each fiber is protected, instead of using a surface treatment that can be abraded away.


    Q. Can any fabric be treated with INCASE?

    A. Yes. Almost any kind of fabric can be treated with INCASE, including chenille, flat wovens, velour, cotton, wool, rayon, synthetics, etc.


    Q. How long will INCASE last on the fabric?

    A. INCASE performance lasts for the life of the product. It provides sustainable, durable performance achieved through a newly-developed molecular bond strength that will withstand repeated cleanings.


    Q. Does INCASE change the appearance or hand of the fabric?

    A. No. In fact, with cotton bedding, INCASE provides additional wrinkle resistance after washing, while still preserving all if its protection. INCASE also provides anti-static properties.


    Q. Can INCASE meet vertical burn tests?

    A. Yes. INCASE is designed to be FR-neutral, meaning it will not negatively impact inherently flame-retardant fabrics, including drapes and cubicle curtains. INCASEd fabrics can pass the NFPA 701 Vertical Flame Resistance Test for draperies and cubicles.


    Q. What makes INCASE green?

    A. The combination of environmentally preferable chemistry and our sustainable production processes make INCASE the greenest stain-resistant formula in the world. There is no detectable PFOA or PFOS and no harmful VOC emissions. Plus, processes in our state-of-the-art facility use fewer natural resources, including gas and water. The INCASE treatment is powered by renewable energy and is carbon-neutral.


    Q. How does INCASE resist bacterial growth?

    A. Silver Ion technology is used in INCASE to inhibit the growth of a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including bacteria. Silver is one of nature’s original antimicrobials. Used thousands of years ago by Greeks in vessels to preserve water and wine, the natural benefits of silver are now being used to keep fabrics odor-free.


    Q. Will INCASE affect the ability of fabric to be recycled?

    A. No. Commercial recycling practices are not inhibited in any way.


    Q. How can I get INCASE fabric protection for my projects?

    A. Simply speak with a distributor of your choice. Visit our Distributors page for a complete listing of authorized INCASE distributors.


    Q. Who can I call if I need support?

    A. For field support call 1.800.CRYPTON (800.279.7866).