FAQs: Crypton Wall

    Q. What are the advantages of Crypton Wall?

    A. Crypton Wall has many advantages when it comes to vertical applications. It is easily applied to a variety of wall-panel applications, and its vapor-permeability makes it breathable, so no mold is able to form on the back. As with all of Crypton’s products, our vertical applications are available in a wide array of beautiful textiles.


    Q. What flammability test does Crypton Wall pass?

    A. Crypton Wall adheres to ASTM E84.


    Q. How does Crypton Wall resist bacterial growth?

    A. Silver Ion technology is used in Crypton Wall to inhibit the growth of a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including bacteria. Silver is one of nature’s original antimicrobials. Used thousands of years ago by Greeks in vessels to preserve water and wine, the natural benefits of silver are now being used to keep fabrics odor-free.


    Q. Is Crypton Wall easy to clean?

    A. Yes. Crypton Wall has the same exceptional protection from stains, odors, moisture, and mildew that Crypton is known for, making cleaning a breeze! Liquid spills bead up and can be blotted off with a clean, dry cloth. Most new stains come off with a clean, damp cloth and water. For more stubborn stains, a mild soap and water mixture is very effective.  More cleaning tips are available on our Cleaning & Care page.


    Q. Why is it important to use pH neutral cleaners? 

    A. Many cleaners have high alkalinity (soap) levels, and when used on fabric they leave behind a soapy residue that attracts new dirt very quickly.


    Q. Can I be allergic to Crypton Wall?

    A. No. Because our chemistry is permanently integrated into the fibers themselves, our chemistry will never wear off, but highly-allergic individuals may want to verify use with their doctor.


    Q. Does Crypton Wall emit VOCs or have added formaldehyde?

    A. No. Crypton Wall is third-party-certified as containing ultra-low or no VOCs. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can be emitted from products over time into the air, adversely affecting indoor air quality. Crypton technology also does not add formaldehyde to fabrics.


    Q. Does Crypton Wall contain PFOS/PFOA?

    A. No. PFOS and PFOA are considered persistent organic pollutants (POPs), so Crypton has developed an environmentally-preferable C6 chemistry for all of its fabrics that avoids the use of these POPs.


    Q. Can Crypton Wall be recycled?

    A. Yes, Crypton’s performance technology does not affect its ability to be recycled. A common outlet for recycled fabric is shoddy, which is used in making carpet padding and rear parcel shelves in cars.