FAQs: Crypton Outdoor

    Q: What makes Crypton Outdoor appropriate for outdoor use? 

    A: UV-resistent fibers make Crypton Outdoor especially suited for outdoor use. It has all the features of Crypton PLUS enhanced odor, mold, mildew protection and UV-resistant fibers, which resist fading for at least 1000 hours.


    Q: What’s the biggest advantage in using Crypton Outdoor?

    A: With Crypton’s impenetrable barrier technology, outdoor cushions can be left out in the elements. Even when cushions have been left out in the rain, water just beads up on the surface, and all you have to do is simply wipe it off — it will never seep through to the inside. Cushions are dry in a matter of minutes, and no more fears of soggy cushions!


    Q: Is the hand of the fabric affected by the process?

    A: No. Crypton has been improving its technology for over 20 years. Our 2.0 technology does not affect the look or feel of the fabric.


    Q: What differentiates Crypton Outdoor from laminated fabrics?

    A: Crypton’s technology is built into all of our fabrics, including Crypton Outdoor. It is engineered with an integrated backing that will never separate, permanently enhancing the performance of the fabric. In fact, Crypton’s technology is so stable, it has been deemed a solid surface by the EPA. Unlike Crypton fabrics, laminated fabric can delaminate, creating a pocket between the surface fabric and the lining where moisture can pool, compromising the performance of the fabric and allowing germs to grow.


    Q: Is Crypton Outdoor breathable?

    A: Yes, the patented barrier formula is vapor-permeable. This keeps Crypton Outdoor comfortable.


    Q: What tests does Crypton Outdoor pass?

    A: Crypton fabrics, including Crypton Outdoor, are the only fabrics that meet or exceed all of the following heavy duty requirements: stain resistance, water resistance, abrasion, tearing strength, breaking strength, seam slippage, flammability, and resistance to fungal and bacterial growth. Its performance in the hydrostatic resistance test, which measures the ability of a fabric to resist water penetration when water pressure is exerted over its surface, is off the charts!


    Q: What flammability requirements does Crypton pass?

    A: All Crypton fabrics, including Crypton Outdoor, pass Cal 117, UFAC, and NFPA 260 as a baseline. If more stringent requirements are desired, we are able to process fabrics to meet Cal 133, IMO RES 16-52A, Boston and New York fire codes, automotive FMVSS302, and aviation FAR25-853. These more stringent specifications must be requested at the point of order to be processed accordingly. Ask your distributor for details.


    Q: Is Crypton Outdoor easy to clean?

    A: Yes. Crypton Outdoor’s exceptional protection from stains, odors, moisture, and mildew makes cleaning a breeze! Liquid spills bead up and can be blotted off with a clean, dry cloth. Most new stains come off with a clean, damp cloth and water. For more stubborn stains, a mild soap and water mixture is very effective.  More cleaning tips are available on our Cleaning & Care page.


    Q: Why is it important to use pH neutral cleaners? 

    A: Many cleaners have high alkalinity (soap) levels, and when used on fabric they leave behind a soapy residue that attracts new dirt very quickly.


    Q: Can Crypton Outdoor be disinfected? 

    A: Since Crypton barrier fabrics, including Crypton Outdoor, have demonstrated their ability to prevent moisture penetration, the EPA has allowed the claim for disinfectability when Crypton Disinfectant & Deodorizer is used according to directions on the label. It is also a fabric freshener and deodorizer on all fabrics and is a fresh, citrus-scented disinfectant on all other non-porous surfaces.


    Q: Is Crypton Outdoor bleach-cleanable? 

    A: Only on certain fiber types. Crypton Outdoor’s “repel and release” stain fighting technology coupled with our hospital-grade Disinfectant & Deodorizer should eliminate the need to subject fabric to the harsh cleaning methods of bleach; however, we know that every facility has preferred cleaning practices. If the fiber type of your Crypton products are 100% solution-dyed polyester or acrylic, then bleach-cleaning is an option when required. Visit our Cleaning & Care page for further instruction, including acceptable fiber types.


    Q: What are some of the bacteria and microbes that Crypton Outdoor protects against?

    A: Crypton Outdoor prohibits the growth of molds, like Aspergillus niger, and bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, E coli, and MRSA, as well as viruses like HIV and Hepatitus. Our fabric process also includes chemistry that prohibits bacteria and mold from spreading.


    Q: How does Crypton Outdoor protect against mold and mildew?

    A: Crypton Outdoor prohibits the growth of mold and mildew using Silver Ion Technology.


    Q: Can I be allergic to Crypton Outdoor?

    A: No. Because our chemistry is permanently integrated into the fibers themselves, our chemistry will never wear off, but highly-allergic individuals may want to verify use with their doctor. Some Crypton fabrics use acrylic latex in the construction of their moisture barrier, but never rubber latex.


    Q: Does Crypton Outdoor emit VOCs or have added formaldehyde?

    A: No. Crypton Outdoor is third-party-certified as containing ultra-low or no VOCs. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can be emitted from products over time into the air, adversely affecting indoor air quality. Crypton technology also does not add formaldehyde to fabrics.


    Q: Does Crypton Outdoor contain formaldehyde or PFOS/PFOA?

    A: No. PFOS and PFOA are considered persistent organic pollutants (POPs), so Crypton has developed an environmentally preferable C6 chemistry for all of its fabrics that avoids the use of these POPs.


    Q: Can Crypton Outdoor be recycled?

    A: Yes, Crypton’s Outdoor’s performance technology does not affect its ability to be recycled. A common outlet for recycled fabric is shoddy, which is used in making carpet padding and rear parcel shelves in cars.


    Q: Where is Crypton Outdoor processed?

    A: Crypton is proud to support American workers and American textile mills. We do all of our processing in our state-of-the-art, environmentally-responsible facility in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. All research and patented chemical formulations are also developed and made in the USA.


    Q: How wide is Crypton Outdoor?

    A:  54″


    Q: Where can I source Crypton Outdoor?

    A: Contract customers can source Crypton Outdoor through one of our many distributors worldwide. Retail customers can find Crypton Outdoor at any number of local dealers.


    Q: Is Crypton Outdoor covered by a warranty?

    A: Yes, We are so confident in the quality of our products, we offer a 5-year warranty on our barrier protection for: Crypton, Crypton Green, and Crypton Outdoor. Call our customer service at 1.800.CRYPTON for more details.


    Q: Who can I call if I need support?

    A: For field support call 1.800.CRYPTON (800.279.7866).