A Revolution in Vinyl


    Tech Specs

    Bringing its 20+ year heritage from performance textiles to the world of contract coated fabrics, Crypton introduces Revl®, a leading-edge product designed to perform under the toughest of conditions and keep spaces looking as good as the day they were installed. Offering extreme cleanability, durability to repeated cleanings and to a variety of cleaners and disinfectants, Revl is a true eye-opener in the world of contract vinyl, made in the USA by trusted U.S. companies.

    Superior Performance Features

    • Exceptional Cleanability – easily releases permanent marker, denim dye transfer, food stains and more
    • Durable to Harsh Cleaners – proven to work well against the industry’s most common cleaners and disinfectants*
    • Withstands Repeated Cleanings – maintains its original appearance and performance properties after repeated cleanings
    • Antimicrobial – resists a wide spectrum of bacterial and fungal growth
    • Made in the USA – a quality, regulated product; made in the USA by trusted US companies

    * Please refer to Tech Spec for a complete list of tested cleaners

    Sustainable Features

    • GREENGUARD Certified technology
    • Adheres to stringent U.S. regulations that control emissions and environmental pollutants
    • Extends the life of furniture beyond that of competing coated fabrics, resulting in less extraction of raw materials and consumption of fossil fuels during production

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