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    NOTICE: Beginning November 23, 2017, Crypton will be processing 100% of Nanotex’s contract finishing. For more information, visit our announcement page.

    Crypton is proud to include Nanotex® and its patented solutions to our robust lineup of fabric technologies.

    Since 1998, Nanotex has been providing performance finishes for contract upholstery, offering a menu of options including stain resistance, odor resistance, and a liquid barrier called Durablock.  Altering the fiber at the nano level, this menu of options allows the designer the freedom to choose their textile and add the performance benefits desired for their specification.

    Widely integrated into the apparel industry, Nanotex offers 11 unique protective formulas using nanotechnology, transforming the molecular structure of fibers to create fabrics that offer unsurpassed performance and comfort. By working at the nano-scale, these textile enhancements provide amazing functional improvements without changing the natural characteristics of the fabric, like hand and drape. Plus, since these technologies permanently bond with the individual fibers of the fabric, their durability is unsurpassed. For more information, visit the Nanotex website.

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