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    Through collaboration with our expert chemists and leading professionals in the leather industry, Crypton’s exceptional protection from stains, odors, bacteria, and mildew is now available for leather. Leather Powered by Crypton® is the world’s first and only solution capable of making the luxury of leather truly practical, providing a viable alternative to vinyl in high-wear applications, such as hospitality, healthcare, and other contract markets.

    Cleanable and disinfectable, Crypton protects and enhances the beauty of leather surfaces and extends the life of furniture. The result is a stain-free, worry-free surface that continues to looks beautiful.

    Nowhere will you find a better leather option than at Conneaut Leather.

    Conneaut Leather Hospitable Hides Eco™

    “Hospitable Hides Eco™ is a chrome-free, semi-aniline, biodegradable product. The latest in leather technology from Conneaut Leather is the recent introduction of Hospitable Hides Eco™, powered by Crypton®, which is bleach cleanable, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and stain resistant. One of the first in the leather industry to offer all of these characteristics in one product to the contract industry, Conneaut Leather is now offering the ultimate in luxury leather seating to the architecture and design communities.

    A high-performance, chrome-free leather featuring our patented Crypton® protective finish, Conneaut Leather is breaking new ground with this durable, yet beautiful, leather ideally suited for hospitality, healthcare, aviation, automotive aftermarket, contract, and any other high-traffic applications.”

    Visit Conneaut’s website to browse the collection.

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