Unparalleled, fluorine-free performance from Crypton

Crypton offers the most effective fluorine-free stain-resistance performance technology on the market: C-Zero. GREENGUARD Gold certified, this award-winning green innovation provides superior resistance and repellency to water-based stains and liquids, without compromising the hand or color. The “Plus” is an optional moisture barrier and/or odor-resistance that can be added for maximum performance. C-Zero complies with the Healthier Hospitals’ Safer Chemicals Guidance, and California Section 01350, is recyclable and extends the useful life of the fabric. So now, keeping it clean and fluorine-free is a real option.

  • Superior water repellency
  • Repels and releases water-based stains
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified
  • PFOA-Free/PFOS-Free/PFC-Free
  • Fluorine-Free
  • Integrated moisture barrier*
  • Resistance to odor-causing bacteria*
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Perfect for office, healthcare and commercial spaces

*C-Zero Plus

Fabric Collections

Stitch by Mayer Fabrics


C-Zero Plus | Mayer Fabrics

Stitch was inspired by textile traditions of repairing and renewal. The patterns are characterized by the use of linear elements (connections), texture (touch), and textile heritage (history).

Color Card by Momentum Textiles

Color Card

C-Zero | Momentum Textiles

Color Card is an assembly of woven ideas that are simple, pure and modern; yet under a closer view they are complex, detailed and technical.