A quarter of a century is a long time for a company to thrive, but like impeccably woven fabrics, Crypton is comprised of many different threads that give it strength. This year, we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary, and want to extend our sincerest thanks to all our distributors and partners who have supported and grown with us, every step of the way. Without them we wouldn’t be here today. We commemorate, with gratitude, those who have been a part of our journey—and look forward to weaving our next 25 years together; redefining and expanding the industry with intelligent fabrics that allow our customers to live boldly and design freely.

Our Great Partners

Integra Fabrics
Maxwell Fabrics
Reid Witlin
Scott Fabrics
Sina Pearson

Amazing things happen when you have great partners.
Celebrating 25 years with gratitude.

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